Bridal Trials

Bridal trials are intended to give you and your bridesmaids a test run of our services before the big day. This is the best opportunity to test out potential hairstyles, makeup looks, and everything else so you know what you like and want for the big day, and we know how much time to allocate for both you and your bridesmaids party. Bridal trials also help us to know what kinds of supplies to bring more of so that we can be extremely prepared on the big day.

What is a Bridal Trial?

A bridal trial is a trial run before the wedding where the artist meets with the bride and the bridal party to discuss costs, potential looks, hairdos, and how to style the hair and makeup for the big day. Since everyone has a different look and the bride likely has some ideas in mind, it’s best to go over them during a bridal trial to avoid wasting time or redoing looks on the big day. Bridal trials give the bride a glimpse into what the final looks are so that the bride can decide how they look on camera, if they go well with the dresses, and if the logistics are aligned with the vision as a whole.

Why Are They Beneficial?

Bridal trials are beneficial because you’re able to put into practice what you had in mind for hair and makeup. Sometimes brides might think they want a particular look that they’ve seen online or in a magazine, but once they have it in person, they aren’t pleased with how it complements them or goes with the rest of their attire. A bridal trial allows us to weed out the potential mishaps that could occur on the big day with having a look that you’re not entirely pleased with. They also prevent us from having to constantly restart or redo the existing look.

Testing Your Makeup and Looks

The ultimate purpose of a bridal trial is to test your makeup and your look. Perhaps you want to use your favourite foundation but during the bridal trial, you find that it doesn’t show up well on camera. The bridal trial is a great way to figure out what will and will not be acceptable for your wedding day when it comes to hair and makeup. Are you planning to wear a tiara that needs to be styled into your hair? That’s where the artist would come in and test different updos to get it just right, so we know exactly what to do on the big day, without taking numerous trials runs on a tight schedule.

Coordinating With Your Wedding

Lastly, most brides enjoy seeing their wedding logistics play out before the big day itself. That’s what the rehearsal dinner is for and that’s what the bridal trials can do, too. Seeing your bridesmaids with their uniform look can help you visualize the day of your wedding more when they stand with you at the alter or walk down the aisle. Furthermore, you can also see how your personal makeup and hair will coordinate with your dress and the rest of your look as a whole.

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