What is in our Kit

Included in our hair and makeup kits are top notch products that you can trust. We’ve done our research and tried and tested numerous products over the years to find the best ones that deliver optimal results. We use a combination of drugstore makeup as well as department store, simply optimizing what we believe to be the best products on the market for particular looks, different skin types, and more. If you have questions about what’s included in our kit or what items we use specifically, you can reach out to us and we’d be happy to share further details. If you have products of your own that you prefer to use, we also welcome those for any makeup look.

Makeup Services

Makeup services include doing your makeup from start to finish, such as cleansing your face, applying primer, shaping your brows, applying foundation, powder, bronzer, highlight, contour, and any lips or eye looks that you want added. Depending on the skin you have and the look you’re going for, we can also offer airbrushing makeup to make you look flawless the whole day. If you aren’t interested in airbrushing makeup, we also have dewy foundations, matte foundations, and other looks we can help you achieve. It’s entirely up to you!

Hairstyling Services

Hairstyling services include everything from styling tools to shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and any other styling gels or chemicals that make the process easier and your hair more luscious, such as mousse, waxes, hairspray, and more. Our hairstyling services are delivered at the highest level of professionalism so that you never have to worry about hurting yourself or ruining your hair to get the perfect updo look for a special occasion or big day.


Makeup and hairstyling services included in our kit make our business as a whole something convenient that you can depend on when you need it most on a special day. Regardless of where you are in the Gold Coast area or what type of event you have going on, if you need professional hair and makeup services, we’re there for to you to provide them! We bring all of our professionalism and expertise directly to you and your event space, so you can get ready and arrive on time – for pure convenience!


As a mobile hair and makeup artist, you might be wondering how sanitary it is that our products and services are provided to more than one person. We can assure you that we take precautionary measures to ensure that the products we use are sanitary and that each experience on a new client begins with clean and bacteria-free tools. We sanitize all of our tools after every service and every client, no matter how big or small the makeover was. We use one-time use brushes and utensils to apply makeup that have only been used on one client only and later discarded. Our styling tools are cleaned after every use, and we encourage clients to bring their own items if they have something in particular they want to keep in the routine.

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