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Hair and Make Up Gold Coast has been delivering quality hair and makeup solutions around the Gold Coast area for many years. We’ve assist brides in looking and feeling their best on their big day, as well as arriving on set for a big performance for individuals who have an upcoming event. Our work goes well beyond standard hair and makeup, as we know how to do everything from dramatically transforming your look to subtly adding some natural touches to enhance your beauty. We tailor our work to your needs and your occasion and bring our services directly to you for added convenience!

Our services are versatile and can provide beauty remedies for any occasion and any individual. We take consultations and bookings from everyone who has an idea for how they want to look on a big day and how they want us to help them achieve it. We also work with our clients to provide them a comfortable experience, mixing products and settings they’re comfortable with, along with our expert products and suggestions to emphasize the experience more. If you’re ready to get in touch with us about our soaring standard of quality hair and makeup solutions, then be sure to give us a call and scheduling your booking today! When you do, you can choose from our bridal hair and makeup services or any other special occasion hair and makeup service.

Hair and Make Up Gold Coast

(07)5646 3798

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