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Professional Makeup Artists Who Use Beautiful Make Up Products

Our bridal makeup is applied to the highest standards in both skill and hygiene standards.

We know we can help you look and feel your best on your special day.

The bridal makeup application includes the entire process to ensuring your skin is clean and prepped.

Ready for all the products such as primers and balms that help your makeup stay on longer.

We then can apply our organic airbrush foundation, or a traditional foundation, concealer, powder, and the eye makeup, lip makeup, and blush and bronzer.

False lashes are applied when the make up is completed.

We then finish off your look with finishing spray so that your makeup stays in place all day long.

If you also require hairstyling or an updo – We time this in with your makeup application

The Makeup We Use Is Vegan And Cruelty Free

Gold Coast bridal makeup

Bridal Makeup Artists

Bridal makeup can be done in various ways to complement the bride and the bride’s natural beauty.

Depending on your personal preferences and how intricate you want your makeup for the wedding, we can accommodate your needs and provide exactly that.

We supply a large range of makeup products with the colours and tones that will match all skin types.

We are able to create virtually any look you want.

For some more culturally traditional weddings, we’ve been able to provide dramatic and bright eye looks, while those who are having an outdoor beach wedding will want to choose something lighter and more neutral that won’t sweat off.

It’s completely your call!

Natural Make Up Looks

Most brides will opt for a natural look on their wedding day.

A natural makeup look will still make the most o your natural facial features. Natural looks include more neutral colours such as browns, golds, and beige, but you can consider a brighter lipstick, false lashes, blush, or even a brighter highlighter on the cheekbone.

We also fill in your eyebrows to match your hair and frame your face in way that looks great from every angle.

We know the best makeup tips and tricks to hide blemishes, or pigmentation to make these less obvious on your wedding day!

Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks

If you’re looking for a way to go all out on your big day, then perhaps you want to consider a dramatic makeup look?

Dramatic makeup looks can be achieved using darker eyeshadows, heavier eyeliner, false lashes or a brighter lipstick.

We customise your dramatic makeup look in a way to help emphasise your natural beauty.

Read our article about bridal eyelashes.

Our biggest piece of advice is to always play up one feature more and leave your other features not as bold.

If you want eyes that pop, downplay your lips.

If you want ruby red lips, down play your blush and eyeshadow.

If you love bronzer and a spray tan, you will need to balance darker eyeshadows and lipstick colours

We take dramatic looks a step at a time, as it’s easier to add more makeup than to take it away, so building on the look is key!

dramatic eyes
bold red lipstick

Long Lasting Makeup

What clients appreciate most about our hair and makeup services, that we are able to long-lasting makeup that keeps you beautiful throughout the day.

We try to opt for products that have proven to last for several hours without the need for regular touch-ups.

We also finish all of our makeup looks with finishing spray that helps keep your makeup in place, regardless of sweat as the day rolls on. Our makeup looks are durable for your photo sessions, socialising, eating, drinking, or even dancing late into the night – There are always going to be certain products that will hold up better than others. This is what we can discuss during your trial.

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