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Bridal Eyelashes For Your Wedding Day

Bridal Eyelashes What Sort Of Lashes Should I Wear On My wedding day

As makeup artists, we get asked all the time about bridal eyelashes!
So we thought we better write an article about what is available and what will work best for our brides on the Gold Coast.

Looking beautiful on your wedding day is what every bride wants.

The eyes are always what we spend most of our time accentuating, and they are the stand out feature for many brides.
Adding a set of full lashes is an instant way to create a glamorous look for every bride.

Many brides opt for wearing false lashes on their wedding day, but there are some other options that they may want to consider.

Eyelash Options For Brides

Let’s look at the eyelash options:

  • False Eyelashes – Individual and Full Sets
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Lifts

What Should Every Bride Know About False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are constantly evolving with more styles more options with what they are made from. Most false lashes are vegan. The use of mink and silk have lost popularity.

Latex allergies have also been solved, with many lash types of lash glue now being latex free and providing superior adhesion qualities. 
Even if you’ve never worn false eyelashes before, you should think about including them in your bridal makeup.

The different styles are no longer the over the top dramatic lashes that you might be imagining. Instead, they can add extra length or add extra volume or both.
You want a false lash shape and style that gives your eye an upward lift and elongates the eye shape.
The wrong shape and lash placement can cause the eye to look smaller and rounder.

Depending on what type of false lashes you choose and how you apply them, you can create anything from a minimalist look to something more daring. 
Not to mention that, unlike many mascaras, they will last even if you shed a few happy tears!

What False Eyelashes For The Bride

There is a wide selection of false eyelashes, and we have worked with many brands and styles.To stop the overwhelm, we decided we needed to supply lashes for our brides.
And with the right lash for your eye shape, we can create eye makeup that is natural, dramatic, or sexy.
The false lashes you wear play a big part in the final look.

Over the years in the bridal business, we have had brides give us sets of lashes they have purchased and are not right.
They were either too big and dramatic or cheap and nasty, and they looked shiny and plastic. This is not how you want your eyelashes to look!
To prevent any more eyelash dramas, when we are doing makeup for your big day.
We include a set of classic false eyelashes or add individual lashes, and these are included in our makeup price.

Many makeup artists now do this. As a result, we know how vital the right eyelash is to achieve the look you want.

Full Sets And Demi Sets False Lashes

These lashes are attached to a band or tape.
The band is either black or clear.
The cheaper sets of these lashes will often have a thick black band that can be obvious when it is on the eye, and often the band is not flexible, which is why the lash can start to lift away.

Always check to see that the band is delicate and flexible so it can sit snuggly against your lash line.

Demi Sets are like a Semi lash. 

They are either a 3/4 or 1/2 lash, and many girls want the lash emphasis to be on the eyelash outers.
Having a full set of lashes from each eye corner can feel uncomfortable and annoying in the inner eye area as the lashes can rub against your eye and nose area.

 Individual Eyelashes

These have always been popular with brides who want just a little extra volume in their lashes without wearing a heavier set of lashes.

The individuals are just popped into the lashes. They can look a little strange at first as there will be a noticeable blob of glue.
The glues will dry after a few minutes and will become invisible.

Other False Lash Considerations:

Magnetic lashes have become better and can be a great option if you want reusable false lashes. We have been trialing the magnetic lashes that use an iron ore pigment in a liquid eyeliner.

The lashes have tiny magnets on the bands, and the magnets stick to the eyeliner because of the iron ore pigment.

We were pleasantly surprised at how good they were.
The lashes stick well to the liquid liner. However, you need to clean the magnets after each use to ensure that they stick well for each application.

False Lashes And Your Natural Lashes And Mascara

When wearing false lashes, you will need to still work on your natural lashes. You will need to curl your lashes and apply mascara so that your natural lashes blend in with the false lash.

An excellent option for girls who want to wear false lashes regularly without curling or applying mascara is to have a lash lift.

Lash Lifts Or Lash Perms

What Is An Eyelash Lift?

Do you want a curl for your stubbornly straight lashes but find that using an eyelash curler doesn’t do the trick? 
Do you want your eyes to stand out with curled lashes that look longer and fuller?
Then an eyelash lift might be just the proper treatment you need.

Here we explain the process.
We have had lash lifts and agree that they are a fantastic way to give your eyes a boost with better-looking lashes!

How Is It Different From Eyelash Extensions?

An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes, similar to a perm. By bending your natural eyelashes over a curved silicone shield and applying a perm solution, the technician can lift the shape of your natural lashes into a realistic curled result. 

The result is beautifully curved and defined lashes.
The results will depend on the length and volume of your natural lashes.
Unlike an eyelash lift, eyelash extensions are artificial lashes added to your natural lashes to increase their length and volume. We will discuss them a little further down in this article. 

How Is The Lash Lift Done?

First, the lash technician cleans your lashes. Then, she separates your lower lashes from your upper lashes and applies a silicone shield to your eyelid, which is held in place with a gentle adhesive. Next, she will gently comb your upper lashes upward onto the protection and fix them in place with more glue. Finally, she will apply the eye-safe perm lotion to your upper lashes. 

How Long Does It Take To Do A Lash Lift?

It takes up to twenty-five minutes to apply the perm lotion, depending on the thickness of the hair.
 After the perm lotion has remained on your lashes for the required time, the lash tech will wipe off the cream and apply a neutraliser solution for another 10 to 25 minutes to restructure the lashes and set the curl.
A fantastic extra service and most salons do this as a double-up service to tint your lashes at the same time.
You will have gorgeous lashes that will not require mascara or curling.

A lash lift and tint are perfect if you are going on a honeymoon.
You will not need to worry about makeup when you are lazing around a pool or on the beach.
The entire eyelash lift and tint treatment take about fifty minutes from start to finish.

How Long Does A Eyelash Lift Last?

The results of an eyelash lift usually last between four and six weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your eyelashes. 
If your permed lashes fall out naturally, straight lashes will grow back behind them. Therefore, we recommend every six weeks to maintain the results.

Have your lash lift done the week of your wedding. This will ensure that the lash lift will have the best results and your eyes have had a couple of days to recover if you have sensitive eyes.

Ensure that you have a trial lash lift well before your wedding to know you will not get any reactions.
Reactions can happen with any perming or tinting solutions.

Can I Wear Mascara On My Eyelashes?

You can use any eye makeup (including mascara) after an eyelash lift. However, it would help if you wait 24 hours after the treatment before applying any eye makeup.

Eyelash Extensions For A Wedding

Eyelash extensions are a more permanent solution if you love thicker and longer lashes.
Unlike disposable lash strips or individual lashes, lash extensions can last two to four weeks with proper care.
You will not have to worry about the eyelash curler or mascara!

What Should Every Bride Know About Eyelash Extensions?

Long, luxurious lashes can completely transform your look. 
Voluminous, fringed lashes add instant glamour!
 More and more brides are considering eyelash extensions before their wedding and honeymoon.
It’s essential to know the pros and cons of the process before deciding if eyelash extensions are right for you. 

Lash Extensions Before Your Wedding

If you have not had lash extensions before and want them for your wedding, you will need to get them done a couple of months before your wedding.
Lash extensions, when first done, do take a bit of time to get used to.
They feel heavy on your eyes, and you have to learn how to care for them.

Find a reputable technician that has excellent reviews or word of mouth referrals. Do not be driven by price! You want to use some reputable and these technicians in demand for a good reason and will likely charge a little more.

You do not want to use a tech who installs poorly placed lashes or irritates your eyes with substandard adhesives or work practices.

Use the same lash tech before your wedding, so ensure that you book your refills so that you are all set for fresh lashes the week of your wedding.

Suppose a couple of lashes have come loose on your wedding day. Do not panic- We can quickly pop in an individual lash or two to blend in any gaps.

Lash Extensions Are Perfect For A Hectic Schedule

Extensions give our brides an extra boost of confidence. 
With the wedding date looming, the bride to be can relax, knowing that her eyes will always look glamourous.
She will have perfect eyelashes for the bridal shower, hens night, and the big day, 
Beautiful lashes add that extra glam, and after the wedding day, brides benefit from eyelash extensions for the honeymoon when they can splash and swim without mascara.

wedding makeup

Bridal Makeup Trial 

When planning eyelash extensions for your wedding day, you may want to have them done for your makeup bridal trial.
When wearing lashes, you will need less makeup to make your eyes pop!
Applying heavy eye makeup plus eyelash extensions can be too much.

Like everything related to a wedding – proper planning is key to ensuring you are happy with the results. 

After The Wedding

Eyelash extensions require little maintenance and can last up to three weeks before a refill appointment is needed. 
Professional lash techs will continually educate their clients on how to clean lashes daily, stay away from oil-based products and not wear waterproof mascara. 

When the lashes are no longer desired, it is strongly advised that the client returns to the studio to have them professionally removed and is cautioned against plucking, cutting or otherwise attempting to remove the lashes themselves.

Final Word On False Lashes

Whichever lash style or type you decide to use.
We will ensure that you look your absolute gorgeous best on your wedding day.

There Are No “Best Lashes For A Bride.”

It is always entirely up to the individual to choose what will work best for her.
Most brides leave the lash choice up to the bridal makeup artist if they decide to wear false lashes.
They know what lash style they use to lift and shape the eye with a particular lash style.

Contact us today if you would like to book in for a trial.
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