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Wedding Hairstyles – How To Wear Your Hair

Your wedding hairstyle guide

For many people, their hair is part of their identity.
Are you known for having your hair styled a certain way, or for colour or length?
Many brides tell us that their fiancee loves their hair to look a certain way.
Some brides are unsure if they dress for their fiancee or dress for how they want to look – Being a bride is something we all want to do only once and only one shot at being the bride they have always dreamed of.
Let us help you narrow down what sort of bridal hairstyle is going to work best for your special day

How To Get Inspiration for Your Wedding Hairstyle

If you’ve to a few recent weddings, no doubt there would have been a couple of brides that stood out for the right reasons.
The way they looked on their big day, or even the vendors they used.
If you loved their hair and makeup – Ask them who was the hair and makeup team that they used and how did they choose their hair or makeup?

After the wedding is done, most brides will share their tips. They might be able to offer suggestions on what to try and what to avoid.

Looking At Magazines

Magazines are a great way to look at hairstyles.
One word of advice – Every photo you see either in print or online has been edited in some way.
Every bridal photoshoot is photographed on certain angles to make the dress and accessories look their best.
The models in these photoshoots will have hair extensions and hair padding to make their hair look a certain way.
The hair only needs to look good for a couple of shots and then it is changed for the next look.
It does not have to last 12 hours like your wedding hairstye does.

Instagram And Pinterest Images

Again – Every image is filtered and edited.
Each look only has to last for the length of the photo session and you only see the look from one angle and it is always from the best angle.

So many brides are dismayed when they produce an image of their dream hairstyle and we have to point out how that hairstyle was achieved. The majority of images of hairstyles have hairpieces, hair padding and hair extensions used.
Most brides will not have suitable hair or realistic expectations of how long some hairstyles will hold for.
If a bride wants her long hair set in waves, she will need hair extensions and be prepared that those waves will drop and move around.

If she has her heart set on an effortless loose updo. There will be hair extensions and hair padding used.

bridal braid

If you show an image of beautiful braids and hair detail and the hair in the image is blonde and you have dark hair.
You will not see the detail or get the same result that you want unless you are prepared to change the colour of your hair.

The biggest tip we recommend when looking for inspiration for hair and makeup is to look at only brides who have the same colouring as you.
If you have dark hair, look at images of models with dark hair.
For makeup, do the same. Find images where the bride has the same eye colour, eye shape and skin tone as you. It will give you an achievable look.

Why A Bridal Hair Trial Is Vital.

You don’t want to regret the look you’ve chosen, so it’s essential to book a bridal trial appointment and you may even need two if you are still unsure.
One thing that we often encounter is a bride who has their heart set on a certain style.
The trial is a way we work out if it is going to work and if it is going to work or suit.
We do not want to go in on the day of a wedding and waste valuable time because we are discussing hairstyle ideas.
Makeup Trials are also recommended. You can read this article about choosing a makeup artist

We once had a bride who was adamant that she wanted a loose messy textured updo with soft curls around her face.
At her trial, she realised that she hated it. All she could see were the ”fluffy bits”. She asked us to smooth out all the texture which made it look even messier as now the hair was neither textured nor smooth. She then started tucking all the soft curls behind her ears as they were annoying her.
We quickly pulled out the soft textured messy updo and created a smooth chignon – Guess who instantly felt better!!

I know we all let out a sigh of relief that we had listened to her request. We demonstrated that what she thought she wanted was nothing like what she would feel comfortable with.
She was also confident in our work and advice because we were able to win her trust with what we could achieve to make her feel confident.

gold coast makeup and wedding hairstyle

Your Dress Will Influence Your Hair Style

First of all, your hairstyle should complement (and not compete) with your dress.
If you’re wearing a sleek, modern ensemble, such as a pantsuit or a sculpted gown, a sleek ponytail or an effortless low bun will be the perfect compliment. You do not want an elaborate hairstyle as it will just look wrong.

On the other hand, brides who prefer a relaxed, rustic look (such as a beach style wedding or a off-the-shoulder boho dress) will suit a less formal or structured hairstyle. Having some loose hair pieces framing the face or wearing the hair down will be the perfect compliment to this style dress.

Your Wedding Veil

The other part of choosing your hairstyle is what are you wearing in your hair.
It can sometimes be what cam first – The Hairstyle or The Veil
If a bride has her heart set on wearing a particular style veil, then the hair will have to be adjusted to work with the veil. The veil is the focal point and the hair is adapted to suit the veil and the veil placement.

Other brides will want the hairstyle to be the focal point and then the veil is placed to compliment the hairstyle. Often the veil is removed as soon as the ceremony is over so that her hairstyle is on display.

Tiaras And Crowns

Tiaras and crowns sit on the top of the head.
A bride will have to decide if her hairstyle is going to be piled up onto the top of her head and the tiara or crown sits at the base of the hairstyle.
Or is the tiara or crown sitting at the top and her hair will be either be left loose or pinned up in a lower hairstyle.

Often their needs to be height on the crown area on her head so that the tiara has an anchor point and some sort of framework around it,
It all a matter of balance,
When doing a hair trial this is worked out in front of a mirror so that the bride can see how small changes to the hairstyle can make a massive difference in how the hair looks.
It is all about finding balance and we look at the hair from all angles. There will be no holes or gaps in the style and that the brides profile looks beautiful from all angles

gold coast wedding hairstyle

Flowers And Jewellery In Your Hair

We love putting in flowers and a little bit of bling to really offset a bridal hairstyle!
When it comes to having flowers in her hair, flowers that are soft in shape will always work best.
The flowers that are the easiest to work with are orchids, tea roses, gyp (baby’s breath) and lisianthus.

Avoid flowers that are large and too structured. We have had brides give us peony roses and gerberas to try and attach to hairstyles. These flowers are large and not easy to work with. There because it is difficult to get into the right place.
You want flowers that sit into a hairstyle and not sit on top of a hairstyle.
One thing to remember.
If you are using fresh flowers, they must be kept cool till it is time to put them into the hair.
And if you do not want to risk fresh flowers, fake flowers can look just as good and sometimes even better!

Hair Bling Is Similar To Choosing Flowers

You want something that can easily slide into the hair and nestle in the hairstyle.
Having a comb that slides in is always the easiest way to attach the jewellery. Occasionally we have has clips to attach and these tend to sit on top of the hair and not sit in where they should. The other type of jewellery we have dealt with are the individual jewels on pins or screws. They are a great way to scatter and place exactly where you what the jewels to sit.

Remember, if you choose something large and extravagant, it will also affect your wedding hairstyle. Please bring it to your trial appointments to see what works.

Wavy or textured is always going to hold hair accessories in easier. There is a good foundation for the piece to have extra grip and hold.
Silky smooth hair is slippery and pins will want to work their way out no matter how many pins you use.

When we do a hair trial we want to show the bride a 360-degree view of the hairstyle and accessories.
What you see what you look like from front on, your side and back view can look completely different. When hair accessories are placed to be seen at certain angles. It allows us to make the outline or shape of the hairstyle look more balanced.
If a bride does not have a lot of hair, the accessories add an extra element.
This means more of her hair can be used to create the hairstyle and the accessories fill in the gaps,
It may seem silly at first, but the accessories will look different depending on the angle. Likewise, the shape of the headpiece or veil will influence how it looks from a distance.

wedding hirstyle

The Length Of Your Hair

Many brides start growing their hair as soon as they are engaged.
Longer is not always better!
Our hearts always sink when a future bride sits in the styling chair with hair to her waist.
For a soft messy updo, long hair does not create the little wispy pieces that are needed to give it that effortless look.
If they are after a sleek and smooth chignon, there is so much hair that needs to be hidden and tucked away.

Creating a down style with waves and bounce – Long hair just cannot compete with gravity and all curls and waves will drop.
Long hair is a blessing if they are after a sleek ponytail or a long braided mermaid hairstyle.
Long hair will almost always need layers so we can create the texture and softness.

Medium length hair just past the shoulders is ideal for all updos.
You do not need to grow your hair super long. But you do need the right amount of thickness of hair and hair padding and hair extensions may be needed to give volume to your updo.
Again layers around the face so we can create the texture needed to create the little soft pieces.

Bra strap length hair is the length you need for down styles with waves. Hair bounces up a lot when it is curled. If your hair is too short it will not look like the beachy waves you had imagined.
You do need layers so that the waves can last. Layers around the face are super important with any wavy down style.

Shorter Hair Can Be Glam

Shorter hair – We love styling shorter hair. There is no need to try and grow your hair!
As long as it is long enough to pin up or pin back. We can create a beautiful hairstyle.
We love waving short hair and creating volume and then using a headband, tiara or flowers to take it to the next level.

Headbands and small tiaras also work really well with shorter styles and they create the definition between the hair going down onto the face and then where the hair has to sweep away from the face. This is a perfect spot to pop in a tiara or a headband.
Putting in a spray of flowers will create extra volume in a short hairstyle and give us more to work with to create the perfect profile or silhouette.

The Weather On Your Wedding Day

We personally feel this is the most important part of choosing your wedding hairstyle.
If you hate feeling hot and bothered and are planning on getting married in the warmer months, consider either wearing your hair up or pushed over to the side so you do not have hot and heavy hair sitting on your neck.

If you are getting married at the beach or an open area. Be prepared for wind and your hair moving around. Having one side secured or pinned back will allow you to keep hair off one side of your face.
Do not have pieces of hair around your face that are lip length. Hair this length flies onto your lip area and then transfers lipgloss all over your face – We have seen this happen!
Keep the pieces a little shorter or a little longer.

If you love smooth hair with no frizz and you are planning on getting married in spring or summer. You will either need a hairstyle that is smooth and slicked down or you will need to get a smoothing or straightening treatment to keep your hair from getting frizzy or wavy.

Book A Mobile Hair And Makeup Team

Are you ready to find the best hair and makeup team on the Gold Coast for your wedding day?
Reach out to us to see if your date is available and to book in a bridal trial.
We can make sure you get the wedding hairstyle that is perfect for you.
Were also mobile makeup artists, so we can handle your hair and makeup for your big day.
Contact us today!

Hair and Makeup Brisbane can help you choose a wedding stylist.

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